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XML-RPC Server in Python

Develop a second web server that responds to XML-RPC requests (using the POST method).  When your server starts, it should open a new sqlite3 database.

Your server should service the following RPC methods:
  • execute (sql_statement)
  • query (sql_select_statement)
Use an INI file to configure your XML-RPC server's port and the location of the database file.

You will find the SimpleXMLRPCServer and sqlite3 modules extremely useful for this project.

You will also need to write an XML-RPC client to test your server.  See the Python Examples page for more information.

Submission Procedure

Start your server on port 8002 and leave it running for at least a week after it is due.  We will make XML-RPC requests to your server to check that it works.  You do not need to turn in your code or serve your source code from your server.  Notice that nothing browser-based is required for this project.